Medieval adventures

Wooden Box No Plans Needed

ou are usually best to plan ahead when starting a woodworking project. A good set of plans with dimensions, lots of tools in the workshop, pencil and ruler are commonplace. You would never think of taking on a project without those! Well, you can make a medieval box with just a handsaw, hammer, chisel and pencil. If you want to use mechanical fasteners you may need a drill and a screwdriver. For raw materials, you need a wide board (10-inch or more, or have glued smaller ones together) that is around 8-feet long. The edges of your board need to be finished and it needs to be an even width along the entire length.

It doesn’t matter what size board you have, but wider is better. Let’s assume you have a 9-1/4″ (235mm) (W) wide board, that is 3/4″ (19mm) thick (T) and 8 feet (2438mm) Long (L). Boxes are easy to make if they are as wide as they are tall. So the end of the box will roughly as wide as it is tall.